Pamidovo Vineyard

The Pamidovo wine cellar is situated at 40 acre area in Bulgaria’s south wine region, surrounded by wine yards and the production facilities. The vineyard is equipped with the most modern installations for wine-making by the classical and modern type of fermentation, processing and stabilizing.

Pamidovo Cellar owns 1.600 acres of land situated at the villages of Pamidovo, Velichkovo and Rossen, a region known with its 4’000 year’s ancient history and wine making traditions. The cellar is of chateau type, located at the heart of the Thracian Valley. The main varieties of grapes, which are grown and processed, include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and the traditional Bulgarian varieties as Mavrud and Karapamid, Muscat Ottonel and Alexandrian Muscat. The soil and climate conditions are extremely suitable for growing grape varieties. The sunny days allow the grape to accumulate a sugar content of over 23% with very balanced acid and color substance. That is a very good premise to produce unique wines and grape material for distillation, bearing the individuality of the Thrace region, the nature and the message of the typical Southern wines, distinguished by excellent taste, colour and long aftertaste. The grape genera is under the control of the European prescriptions for wine producing of high quality wines.

Pamidovo cellar works with newest French fermentation equipment ‘Ganimed’, computerized and controlled, for primary wine-making. The main part of the wine ages in oak barrels made of Bulgarian, American or French oak. The cellar has the capacity to work out up to 2 bln. liter of wine per year.

“Pamexwine LTD” is a production and trading company founded in 1997. It has been continuously expanding in terms of equipment, capacity and assortment. The company is successful in attracting highly qualified professionals for each sphere of its activities and has turned into one of the renowned enterprises for wine production and trading in Bulgaria and abroad.

The company has successfully closed the production process by making the last step and thus reaching its goal- satisfying the customer needs by planting 160 hectares of own vineyards. Today, Pamexwine Ltd. has the image of a producer of well-established quality products. It produces and sells over 90 core brands of white and red wines, grape brandies and aperitifs.

The company owns the two cellars- in the village of Pamidovo and in the village of Karabunar, both built on the land of the ancient Thracians with its unique spirit and traditions.

Pamexwine Ltd. owns vineyards covering 160 hectares, situated in the region of Yunatsite, Rosen and Velichkovo villages. This is the heart of the Upper Thracian Valley, a place of ancient traditions of wine making. The region is characterized by semi-continental climate with average annual temperature of 12,8 C, appropriate sun shining, undulating terrain; the sea level varies from 190 m to 370 m, periodic droughts are quite common during summer.

In its greater part, the soil consists of clay-and-sand layers and the slopes of the surrounding hills consist of delluvial silt which makes it particularly suitable for growing superb vines with high sugar content and low acidity.

The planting of own vineyards started in 2004 under SAPARD projects.

The following varieties of grapes have been planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Mavrud, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Pamid, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel and Alexandrian Muscat.

In order to achieve better results, the staff of technologists and agronomists has been consulted by German experts under the “Senior Experten Service” program in Bonn, Germany.



Golden medal from the international Wine Exhibition “Vinaria”, Bulgaria, 2011, for the Wine „Cuvee Rubin, Sirah und Cabernet“, vintage 2010.


Bronze medal from the international Wine Exhibition “Vinaria”, Bulgaria, 2011, for the Wine „Muscat“, vintage 2010.


“Wine Challenge” fair, Atlanta, USA, 2004: Pamidovo wine cellar was awarded with four medals: silver for “Mavrud Ancient Thracia”, vintage 2002, and three bronze medals for “Mavrud Unique”, vintage 2003, “Merlot Unique”, vintage 2003, and Cuvee Unique, vintage 2003.


“Golden Star” award from the world fair in Dusseldorf, 2002, for the wine “Golden Thracia Merlot Classic”, vintage 2002


“Wine of the Year” Award from the International Wine Exhibition “Vinaria”, Bulgaria, 2002 for the wine “Mavrud 2001”, vintage 2001.

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